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Sigma Spy SMS for Smartphone is a mobile spy app that is intended for your smartphone to control activites of the target phone of your choice , with no restriction on location, network or country. SigmaSpy SMS forMobile will allow you to receive copies of sms sent and received by the spied target phone. No activity trace will be left on the target phone. Sending special texts to the target phone will allow you to modify the settings of the spy app remotely. The number of phones which you are allowed to spy on with software version is one. Clear instructions with step by step guidance for installation on smartphones is provided for your convenience. There is no subscription charge and the mobile phone spy app has no expiration. We will also keep you updated on any software upgrades or updates. Sigma Spy SMS for Mobile operates in stealth mode and the tasks performed are invisible on the target phone. No trace is left and logs are prompty deleted. Furthermore we do not request the phone number of the target phone, thus ensuring you full privacy. A perfect solution for privates and professionals wanting to monitor and sms spy using their mobiles. Sigma Spy SMS for Mobile is the ideal spying app for individuals who want to monitor another person's mobile phone text messages wherever the latter might be. Should you require to monitor also the voice conversation of the mobile phone you are controlling then have a look at our other Mobile Cell Phone Spying Software. To purchase Sigma Spy SMS for Mobile you are required to pay £29.99 and the software will be yours to keep, with no further charges nor software expiration. If you are interested in going ahead with this purchase please proceed to our secure checkout.
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