Sigma Spy Lite for Smartphone Spy Software
Our spying app Sigma Spy Lite for Smartphone can be used on your Mobile phone to spy on a cell phone nearby, for instance in the same house, flat, or office space. It operates via bluetooth and requires the target phone to be at a distance of no more than approximately 100 ft. You will be able to use it on your mobile smartphone to spy only on one selected mobile phone. Full documentation with step by step illustrated installation instructions for Smartphone phones is provided. There is no subscription charge and the software has no expiry. Furthermore you will be able to request for upgrades & updates. Sigma Spy Lite for Mobile operates in stealth mode and its operation is completely invisible to the target phone user. No trace of the tasks performed is left and all logs are deleted at the end of each operation. Furthermore we do not request to know the phone number of the target phone, thus ensuring full privacy. A perfect solution for privates as well as professionals wishing to monitor and spy cell phones using their mobiles. Sigma Spy Lite for Mobile is the ideal spying app for those intending to monitor someone else's mobile phone operations in the same house flat or office. Should you require to monitor a mobile far away from you then have a look at our other Mobile Cell phone Spying Apps. To purchase Sigma Spy Lite for Mobile you are required to pay £ 14.99 and the software will be yours to keep, with no further charges nor software expiration date. If you are interested in going ahead with this purchase please proceed to our secure checkout.
Sigma Spy Lite
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