Sigma Spy Enterprise for Smartphone Phone Spy Software
Sigma Spy Enterprise for Smartphone is our most advanced and complete phone spy app that can be used on your mobile phone to monitor the target phone of your choice, with no restrictions whatsoever on the range, country or network. SigmaSpy Enterprise for Smartphone will allow you to listen to all calls and also just to listen to the surroundings of the phone of your choice, wherever it may be. You can also record voice conversations, and listen to them whenever it is most convenient. You will be able to use it on your mobile phone to spy on as many cell phones as you require. You will receive copies of all the SMS sent or received by the phone of your choice. You will also have the capability to remotely change software settings by sending special sms to the target phone. You will also be able to perform GPS Remote Localization to determine the exact position of the target mobile phone, thanks to GPS, at any time! Full documentation with illustrated step by step installation for Cell phones is also provided. There is no subscription charge and our software has no expiry date. Sigma Spy Enterprise operates in stealth mode and the activity is made invisible on the target phone. No trace is left at the end of each operation. As we do not request the phone number of the target phone, we ensure your full anonymity. A perfect solution for private users as well as professionals wanting to monitor and carry out phone spy activities using their smartphones. Sigma Spy Enterprise is the ideal spying tool for those wanting to monitor many mobile phones at any given time. Should you require a simpler software for the cell phone you are spying on then have a look at our other Mobile Cell Spying Apps. To purchase Sigma Spy Enterprise you will have to pay ONLY £ 49.99 and the software will be yours to keep, with no further charges nor expiry. If you are interested in going ahead with this purchase please proceed to our secure checkout.
Sigma Spy Enterprise
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